A little about me

This website is all about me, myself and I :-).
You will learn about my job, software or code that I wrote, some of my passions, ...
Oh, and I almost forgot, you will find my CV too, as it was the original reason to have this website in the first place, even if it was a long time ago.

Sysadmin cookbook

Sysadmin cookbook is a practical guide with examples on how to setup a server with common services enabled (mail, dns, web, ldap, mysql, ...). A non trivial configuration is detailed, making use of interraction between component (such as ldap, mysql) and using encryption to secure network communications.


Alux-Studio is a my showcase website, it is dedicated to the photo I made during travels, events, shows or exhibitions, don't be shy, take a look.

Stéphane D'Alu
Artist photographer