• 1.3
  • ruby
  • GPL

An md5/md5sum like program able to perform file checking. (the standard FreeBSD md5 program is not able to perform file checking, and the Linux md5sum program is not able to generate file to the FreeBSD format).


  • 1.4
  • C

A program computing eDonkey link (ed2k://), or only the Hash/Id (à la md5).


A program extracting information (xml encoding; DOCTYPE name, public and system ID) about an XML document.


  • 1.1
  • ruby
  • ruby

A progress bar that can be personalized. It's default behaviour is a lookalike wget progress bar (and it is used as such by the downloader.rb extension).


  • 1.2
  • ruby
  • ruby
  • progress.rb

A ruby library extension to the 'Net' module, displaying a progress bar when downloading from HTTP or FTP sources using the added method download.