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DNSdoctor screenshot
DNSdoctor screenshot

DNSdoctor is intended to help solving DNS misconfigurations or inconsistencies that are usually revealed by an increase in the latency of applications. The DNS is a critical resource for every network application, so it is quite important to ensure that a zone or domain name is correctly configured in the DNS.

It is a fork of ZoneCheck occuring at the version 2.0.4 (but keeping the same developper). The tool was initiated and developed by engineers working at NIC France (INRIA's service) to check the correct configuration of a zone before delegating a domain name under .fr, and was in use until october 2003. The second version was started from scratch by myself (as an AFNIC employee) at the end of 2002, emphasis was put on modularity and extensibility; this version has now taken over the responsibility of checking the delegation of domain under .fr

The last version (1.0.1) can be downloaded here: dnsdoctor-1.0.1.tgz.


MW-CVSweb screenshot
MW-CVSweb screenshot

MW-CVSweb is an extension to MediaWiki which provides the special page Special:CVSweb. This page allows you to browse a CVS repository.

When developping an open source project, you generally welcome people's contributions; the idea here is to also encourage contributions to the website through the use of a Wiki, and this tool provides an integrated CVS browser to the Wiki plateform.

This is a port of the cvsweb application, to the MediaWiki plateform.

The last version (0.8.1) can be downloaded here: mw-cvsweb-0.8.1.tar.gz.

ANEP Socket v0.5

An active network node is capable of dynamically loading and executing programs written in a variety of languages. These programs are carried in the payload of an active network frame. The program is executed by a receiving node in the environment specified by ANEP. Various options can be specified in the ANEP header, such as authentication, confidentiality, or integrity. (from the ANEP-draft)

An implemenation of ANEP on top of IPv6 (and IPv4) has been made available, for the Linux kernel. This work was done as part of the AMARRAGE project, when working in the RESEDAS team at LORIA.

An archive has been created below, so that you can download:

Various small tools

An md5/md5sum like program able to perform file checking. (the standard FreeBSD md5 program is not able to perform file checking, and the Linux md5sum program is not able to generate file to the FreeBSD format).
A program computing eDonkey link (ed2k://), or only the Hash/Id (à la md5).
A program extracting information (xml encoding; DOCTYPE name, public and system ID) about an XML document.