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Curriculum Vitae

My Curriculum Vitae is available in English and French.

If you need expertise in the field of DNS, networking or IT management (in Unix environment), feel free to contact me, so we could discuss your issues and see how to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Who am I?

If you want to know a little more about me, what I do, what I like, all that in small links about songs, movies, books, anime, ...

Paint it black (Rolling Stones)
Pussy (Lords of Acid)
Welcome to my nightmare (Alice Cooper)
Looking for the Summer (Chris Rea)
Devil's advocate
A life less ordinary
Chinese ghost story
Blade runner
Absolutely fabulous
The league of gentlemen
Black Adder
Red Dwarf
Evangelion [pic, fansite]
Cowboy Bebop [fansite, wiki]
Read or die [wiki]
Jin-Roh [wiki]
Hyperion / Endymion (Dan Simmons)
Dans les bois éternels (Fred Vargas)
Leisure & Games
Rock / Salsa / Bachata
Diablo II
Canardo [info]
Berceuse assasine [info]
Dawn [wiki]
Quotes & Fortunes
Croire, de temps à autre, me repose et m'empeche de réfléchir. (Prudence - Sasmira)
Art books
Luis Royo [pic]
Let them eat cheesecake (Olivia)

Comics dedication