Stéphane D'Alu

Stéphane D'Alu

  • System and network administrator
  • Software and web developer

    Spoken languages

    • French (native speaker)
    • English


    System and network administration

    Designing the architecture, creating configuration and performing maintenance of mail servers, of shared network storage, of server virtualization, and of web hosting. Configurations integrate use of a database and/or a directory, users are authenticated and communications secured with encryption. Managing the network infrastructure: firewall setup and filtering rules creation, VLAN configuration, IPv4/IPv6 routing, addresses allocation and DNS naming.

    Software development

    My knowledge of various programming languages allows me to choose the programming model best suited to a project, to quickly adapts to standards already in use. I'm used to platform-independent development (script/bytecode) or Unix. My experience with Unix kernels as well as in the field of networks is an asset for projects in these areas.

    Web development and hosting

    Strong knowledge of all the steps necessary to create a website, this includes obtaining the domain name and its managment, installation and configuration of the software platform, the development of the site with static or dynamically generated content, user authentication and securing data transfer, implementing presentation (CSS) and dynamic interaction (Javascript), content adaptation for search engine (HTML5 / Microdata), and finally analytics of the site.

    Code management

    Deployment and use of tools to manage: source code, documentation and reported bugs. Thus allowing a good maintainability of the projects.


    Décembre 2005 → Présent
    Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon
    Research engineer in the CITI laboratory from system administration to software development.
    System administration
    • Implementation of an information system for managing human resources and organisation
    • Easing the configuration, access control and deployment of printers
    • Deployment of a collaborative editing tool to maintain and disseminate knowledge
    • Deployment of a version control system and creation of the necessary infrastructure for Subversion
    • Implementation of a storage server accessible both from Windows, Unix, or a web browser
    • Setup hosting for personal web pages
    • Building a platform for hosting web servers using cyphering for publishing and protecting passwords
    • Setup of replication and data backup on a remote dedicated server
    • Archiving of data
    • Enabling IPv6 services
    • Building a virtualization infrastructure that allows users to test on their work environment before deployment
    • Performing maintenance and security updates
    • Keeping me up-to-date with new technologies
    Network administration
    • VLAN management, IPv6 connectivity
    • Address attribution and enforcing DNS naming convention
    • Ensuring security with firewall
    Software development
    • Creation of an Android application to collect WiFi signal and GPS location
    • Addition of a parser for a simple automaton input language to Aorai
    • Creation of a small inventory management tool integrated with information system
    • Creation of web interfaces for account management
    • Realisation of the 2nd version of the laboratory's website, debugging and enhancing the 3rd version
    • Providing support to users
    Septembre 2004 → Novembre 2005
    Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon
    Expert engineer in the LIP laboratory in the GRAAL and RESO teams ; in charge of the technical part of Grid5000 Lyon.

    Grid5000 is un multi-site grid platform gathering 9 sites geographically distributed in France. Lyon currently has a 250 nodes grid, with the aim of 500 nodes for the year 2006.

    • Proposal, setup and maintenance of the information system and its documentation (Bugzilla, MediaWiki, ...)
    • Editorial manager for the documentation
    • Unifying the web services for the 9 participating sites
    • Collaboration between sites on the technical choices to adopt
    • Setup of complex configurations involving:
      • Internet services: DNS, DHCP/TFTP, NTP, SSH, apache, postfix
      • Monitoring tools: Nagios, Ganglia
      • Batch sceduler and deployment tools: OAR, Kadeploy
      • Database/directory: mysql, ldap
      • Core network switches and routers: Extreme (BlackDiamond 8810), Foundry (EdgeIron), Cisco (Catalyst)
      • Firewall: filtering, proxy and NAT
    • Assisting users (experimentation, demonstration, ...)
    Juillet 2002 → Juillet 2004
    Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération
    Network engineer in the technical team, in charge of the ZoneCheck tool.
    • Design and implementation in ruby of ZoneCheck v2, a tool to check and diagnose DNS zone before their delegation.
    • rewriting of a DNS resolver in ruby to fit the ZoneCheck needs to interact with the DNS at various levels (several levels of APIs, use of UDP and TCP transport layers, ...)
    • Design and setup of a website dedicated to ZoneCheck development in an opensource model:
    • Technical customer support for domain name delegation.
    Novembre 2000 → Juin 2002
    Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique
    Expert engineer in the Resedas team at LORIA (FLAME project with Alcatel).
    • Design and implementation of a Java active plateform dedicated to management. Prototype written in Java, final version written in C (due to the JVM inhability to kill threads).
    • Administration and evolution of an experimental IPv6 platform:
      • setup and configuration of PCs under Linux/FreeBSD and SPARCS under Linux/Solaris, 8 computers being used as routers
      • configuration of a Cisco 3500 switch (with use of VLANs) and a Cisco 2600 router
      • setup of a DNS for the (internal) subdomain
      • setup of NIS and NFS servers to manage user accounts
    • Porting the ANEP transport layer to iPAQ
    • Networks teaching (60h) at IUT Charlemagne
      Networks teaching (35h) at ESIAL and participation in the drafting of the subjects.
    Novembre 1999 → Octobre 2000
    Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique
    Expert engineer in the Resedas team at LORIA (Amarrage project).
    • Implementation of the ANEP protocol over IPv4 and IPv6 in the Linux kernel; design of the socket interface (ANEP Socket) to access the protocol.
    • Design of the Java interface to allow the use of ANEP directly from the JVM, and implementing it using the C/Java binding (JNI).
    • ANEP MIB definition and enabling of ucd-snmp for ANEP.
    • Administration and evolution of an experimental IPv6 platform (Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris).
    • Design and setup of the initial version of (on an IPv6 enabled web server).
    Novembre 1999 → Octobre 2000
    Santa Cruz Operation
    Engineer in the UnixWare7 networking team. The job includes:
    • Enhancement and bug fixing in: NIS, NFS, FTP, libnsl
      • new functionnality in NIS
      • performance enhancement in NFS (kernel development)
      • Y2K fixes
      • memory leak fixes in multithreaded environment
    • Modem autodetection enhancement:
      design of the new autodetection scheme, and creation of the software developer kit.
    • Source management:
      created a synchronisation tool between CVS and ClearCase to ease local development.
    • In charge of the SCO-ESIAL industrial project: slab allocator (memory allocator)
      organisation of meetings with the students, training on UnixWare and technical support during the project.
     1997 → 
    Assessment and installation of a firewall (Fwtk + IOS):
    • Analyse of the network topology and creation of an installation plan for the firewall.
    • Development of a Perl parser to automate the writing of firewall rules for an IOS Cisco router.
    • Setup of an FTP and an HTTP proxy, and an S/Key authentication server.
    • Writting of a document on the security policy in use.


    (aka: ESIAL)
    193 Av. Paul Muller, 54602 Villers-lès-Nancy, France
    Engineer school with major in computer science
    1995 - 1998
    (Math sup / Math spé)
    29 rue des jardiniers, 54042 Nancy, France
    Preparation for the Competitive Entrance Examinations to French Engineering Schools
    1992 - 1995

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